Christopher Thomas Hoff

Chrisitopher Thomas Hoff was born and raised in western Montana.  He now lives in Paradise Valley of Montana, halfway between Livingston and Yellowstone Park.  Chris has carried a camera with him on every hiking, fishing, hunting, mountain biking, huckleberry picking, sapphire hunting and vacationing trip he has been on. 

In 2007 Chris got serious about his photography and invensted in all new professional digital equipment.  Chris now enjoys many days, sunrise to sunset, photographing the wilds of Montana and surrounding areas.  Chris loves photographing all things natural, native and wild.  You cannot improve on Mother Nature.  Shooting Star flowers, twisted Bull Pine trees to wolves and grizzly bears are all natures gifts to protect and charish for generations to come.  Five generations ago the Hoff family came to Montana to start a new life, where the land was still wild clean and free.  Recently someone asked Chris if he would like to go to Africa on a photo safari"  Sure he said, but I haven't finished photographing Montana yet, it's a big state!         Photo, Chris and his nephew Torrey in Yellowstone.  Photo by niece Kyndall.