Yellowstone Wild ( The Book )

FORWARD from Yellowstone Wild.  

"His big frame was silhouetted in the moonlight before me as he moved silently through the brush toward a blind he had erected a couple of days before. He was leading me to a particular place called a “lek”, where certain species of birds gather in breeding season to display their finest plumage and impress potential mates. The bird in this case was the Greater Sage Grouse, and the location was far from Yellowstone, but relevant nonetheless because the experience allowed a glimpse into the mind and heart of a great naturalist and visual artist, C. Thomas Hoff, or Chris for short.

I had met Chris years before as we stood watching an Elk from the banks of Soda Butte Creek...."

EXCERPT from Yellowstone Wild .  

"That was it;; just what I wanted! I was determined!

For me, patience is something I budget in time. If I budget three weeks to make a certain picture, I am not thinking about how much time I have spent, rather how much time I had remaining to achieve that goal."

Photography and Stories By Yellowstone Photographer C Thomas Hoff.

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